Founded in 2001, Elad LLC is a manufacturer of industrial rubber goods for automotive, petrochemical, construction and agricultural industries.

The enterprise has a full production cycle, starting from the production of rubber and components for the production of rubber-reinforced products, ending with the production of finished products.

ELAD LLC is a supplier of Russian automobile plants OJSC AvtoVAZ and OJSC KAMAZ.


Key advantages of the company:


  • Product development and support 
    Our leading experts can formulate and design a series of marketable products.






  • In-house tool-making facilities 
    Our company started as a die and mold shop, and today it is a complete tool-making production controlled by specialists experienced in design and manufacture of tooling for in-house needs.




  • State-of-the-art laboratory 
    We possess an advanced laboratory equipped with facilities to test semi-finished products, rubber mixtures and ready-made items in the full scope for conformance to the regulatory documents.





Production of hose items.

Hose items are manufactured on modern hi-tech equipment using the extrusion technique.

The equipment is used to manufacture hoses with maximum inner diameter up to 90 mm of various designs, including with the use of knitted covers or thread lapping.

We produce rubber hoses with thread reinforcement and silicone hoses for supply of air, inert gases and liquids under pressure, hoses for pumping up tires of cars, as well as branch pipes for cooling and heating systems.


Production of molded items.

Molded rubber-technical goods are manufactured on non-Russian equipment to produce and machine bush articles: washing, shot blasting machines, automatic installation to apply adhesive on the surface of bushes with further manufacture of metal-rubber mountings on modern cast-molding equipment.

We produce more than 100 components for automobile brands VAZ, UAZ, GAZ and KAMAZ.


Quality management system.

We have successfully implemented the quality management system complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

ELAD ISO 9001 EN.pdf

ELAD ISO 9001 RUS.pdf

ELAD customers and state-recognized conformance certificates prove high quality of our products.


Our strategic growth priorities:

  • Development and manufacture of rubber sleeves and branch pipes with thread reinforcement, and silicone hoses and branch pipes:
    • For supply of air, inert gases, and liquids under pressure
    • For pumping up tires of cars, trailers, and self-propelled vehicles 
      (Specifications TU 38.1051049-89)
    • For cooling and heating system of cars, buses and tractors 
      (Specifications TU 2556-006-000733305-2013, ТУ 38.105262-78, ТУ 38.105256-88)
    • For gas welding and cutting of metals (GOST 9356-75)
    • For watering gardens, pedestrian footpaths, and for car washing 
      (Specifications TU 2559-007-0073305-2013)
  • Development and manufacture of rubber bushes for various applications
  • Development and manufacture of molded automotive components for Russian automobile plants and first-level suppliers


Our advantages:

  • Highly skilled personnel at all production stages;
  • Ability to design marketable rubber nixes and goods;
  • Constant improvement and development of new items as part of our strategic growth priorities;
  • Full production cycle, starting from the production of rubber and components for the production of rubber products and ending with the release of finished products;
  • In-house tool-making facilities;
  • State-of-the-art laboratory to perform a full-scope analysis of rubber mixtures and tests of the produced items;
  • High quality, our products comply with International standards ISO 9001:2015;
  • Best value for money;
  • Advantageous geographical location.

A.I. Ataullov

ELAD LLC Director General